The Membership Benefits International Program 

We as business owners, and private citizens know and have heard of the two most famous websites on the open market, called Linked-In, and Face-book, with their very interactive source for person to person communications, and business corporations trading ideas on the website.

For more than 50 years American Standard Properties & Businesses llc. has been advising buyers, and sellers, and offering the rules of the business game, and business communications between  a buyer, and a seller, and how to negotiation the terms of contractual agreements to be successful. Over those many years dealing with 1000’s of business owners in search of answers how to communicate with other like industry owners I’ve created the, 

“Worldwide Business Owners Membership $1 US Club”©™

 It is an international business educational tool that can now be used by more than 10 Billion business owners from around the world. My process is in conjunction with my other educational program called and offers more than 375 pages of business education and is designed for every, and any type of active business, and their owners. My $1.00 registration fee, and $1.00 per month payment is by far the greatest value that has ever been  offered as an international business program, and the $10.00 Pre-Paid offer is called Biz O’Nomics 101. 

The process is simple and clear, and the basic principle is to get to know your fellow counterpart,  and like business owners in any location, from any part of the world. When you sign in as a member for the $1.00 registration fee, and the $1.00 per month payment you will receive direct contact to other business owners, conferencing, and communications. And as a member you will  also receive the company’s monthly business newsletter that offers business incite, and marketing concepts.

Part of Worldwide Membership is to offer our special yearly program, and the additional benefits you will receive when you Pre-Paid the $10.00 for the full year and as a member, your  membership agreement of $10.00 Pre-Paid will remain the same price for the coming years, as long as you remain an active member. 

For the $10.00 Pre-Paid special program every member will have excess to my Biz O’Nomics 101 program, and can be viewed at in addition to

“Worldwide Business Owners Membership $1 US Club”©™

Every members name, and email address is placed into a monthly drawing, and should your name be drawn you will receive our $2000.00 bonus for just becoming a Worldwide $1 US Club Member. There are no strings attached, no gimmicks, no tricks, and for more than 50 years in business I learned straight talk makes us all very comfortable, and makes for easy of conversation. 
Would it not be most comfortable for an international business owner to pick up the phone and call me at 732 232 4633 and say Tony, I just ran across your website 

“Worldwide Business Owners Membership $1 US Club”©™ 

And can you  give me more information? It looks very interesting and it is just what I am looking for to interact with other international business owners.  And after we get to know each other on the phone, and I answered all your questions, and I will than say to you, my friend, this is how the Worldwide Business Owners Membership program works, and you have just become a member of the $1 US Club