“Worldwide Business Owners Membership”

For an unbelievable one time only registration fee of only $1.00 (one dollar) Yes, I said only one dollar, and just only one dollar per month for every month you remain a member, or our discount offer of just $10.00 pre-paid for the year, and is renewable once each year, and at the member own choice . The “Worldwide Business Owners Membership” was established to enable small business owners, from around the world, to acquire the business education, advice, ongoing guidance and support that could help them achieve business success and prosperity. This goal is accomplished by various methods of communications in which members share their business knowledge, experiences and real world expertise in online interactive discussions through written questions, written answers through the email process, and an open forum about a wide variety of business topics. Such as growing your business, increasing sales, and low cost marketing ideas, increasing profitability, obtaining more clients/customers, creating new services/products, improving operations, sources of funding, hiring employees, and management techniques.

Using the wisdom of our huge membership base, members will receive new ideas, methods and honest unbiased feedback about solving their business problems, overcoming challenges, and how to capitalize on new business opportunities. In addition, members will make new contacts, obtain referrals and learn about useful business resources. The results of the online dialogue will help to significantly improve the efficiency, and effectiveness of the small business members as well as to substantially increase the value of their business.

American Standard Properties & Businesses LLC. Offers this unique concept for business education through this universal program, and some 50 years of business substance, and proven programming. It offers the very best in membership benefits, and membership cooperation to increase the value of our members business to achieve a higher success rating above 85%, and not the national failure rate on average of greater than 50%. Each member’s information is the sole responsibility of the member and it maintains the member’s personal information in confidence, and will never be sold to a third party. Open line communications will always be available to our members should our members be in need of personal phone advise, or personal email assistance.

And of these benefits are just a click away to becoming a member of the “Worldwide Business Owners Membership” what we call the $1.00 Club. 

Please click on the link below to become a member, and fill in the form.

www.onedollarclub.global  732 232 4633

Thank You, Tony Pezza