The First Phone Call from the First Member 


Would it not be most comfortable for an international business owner to pick up the phone and call me at 732 232 4633 and sayTony, I just ran across your website,

“Worldwide Business Owners Membership $1 US Club”©™

and can you give me more information? It looks very interesting and it is just what I am looking for to interact with other international business owners. And after we get to know each other on the phone, and I answered all your questions, and I will than say to you, my friend, this is how the Worldwide Business Owners Membership program works. And you have just become a member of the $1 US Club. 

For the $10.00 Pre-Paid special program every member will have access to my program, and can be viewed at  in addition to

“Worldwide Business Owners Membership $1 US Club”©™

Every members name, and email address is placed into a monthly drawing, and should your name be drawn you will receive our $2000.00 bonus for just becoming a Worldwide $1 US Club Member. There are no strings attached, no gimmicks, no tricks, and for more than 50 years in business I learned straight talk makes us all very comfortable, and makes for easy of  conversation.