“Worldwide Business Owners Membership $1 US Club”

Is the highest form of small business education for every existing business owner worldwide, including new start-up entrepreneurs seeking the desire to be, profitable and successful? When you sign up and become a $10.00 member, you will receive a Business Bonus that offers more than 375 pages of shear business education Absolutely Free, No Cost, and No Strings attached. If you have an interest in growth, success, profit, how to purchase, how to evaluate, and how to sell, please go to the information pages in the menu boxes. Please take notice of the lowest membership cost for education that has ever been offered Worldwide, along with all of the other benefits you will receive as member, this information is expressed in the benefits page in the menu boxes.     

The “Worldwide Business Owners Membership $1 US Club” is an exclusive offering to every small business owner worldwide, the opportunity to interact with other business owners from all parts of the world. Business education has been the driving force behind American Standard Businesses LLC and the teaching process for more than 50 years. And is now made available to every worldwide business owner to join and become a member. As a member you can conference, and interact with 1000’s of other business owners, and offer up your own business ideas to a like business owner in a different part of the world. Imagine the simplicity of being just one click away from a question, and then just one click away from the answer. A quick reply to a vital asked business question that could be helpful in avoiding a failing businesses.  

Each member will be placed into a like group of business owners, and a similar contact of like business owners. When you become a member there are many groups that will fit your current business title, and will welcome your membership enrollment. 


Samples of business groups, for sign in members


  • All forms of household appliances, table ware, both large and small selling to the end consumers.
  • Carpeting and flooring, and related items.
  • Florist, gift ware, photos, picture frames.
  • Furniture outlets, all home furnishings.
  • Mechanical, and form of repair services, and installations.
  • Painters, carpentry, contractors, plumbers, all home services.
  • Restaurants, any establish that serves food of any sort.
  • Clothing, shoes, jewelry, under garments.
  • Internet, printers, computers, related items.
  • Professional Services, are any services that offer one on one to an induvial person, or groups of persons.
  • Home Based businesses, individuals, and sales persons working for a large corporation.

This is a new form of business communications and was created by Anthony L. Pezza owner and founder of American Standard Properties & Business LLC.  


“Worldwide Business Owners Membership $1 US Club”


is a long time educator to small business owners, and history has shown over the many years that business education, and business communications are the sole keys to business success, and for sure, the reselling of your own business for a higher profit. The worldwide one dollar club is the cheapest form of education ever offered to the small business industry, and is also available to the larger independent owned businesses experiencing daily, and monthly profitable business setbacks.  Our national worldwide offerings is to unite all business owners to join the one dollar club, and through the worldwide process will grow, and expand their business.


Membership Benefits Program, Cost, and Schedule


  • We offer the lowest cost for small business education that has ever been offered to any business owner.
  • For just a onetime $1.00 (one dollar) registration fee, and $1.00 per month, or our discount offering of only $10.00 Pre-Paid for the year, and that amount is automatically renewed each year. The member has the option to cancel at any time with a 30 day pre-notice send to the company.
  • Renewable amount for the follow year, will remain at same rate of only $10.00 pre-paid.
  • Each sign up member will receive the benefits of our small business knowledge, and our services.
  • American Standard Properties & Businesses LLC is offering to every new $10.00 sign up member, Free Access to our home business site called Biz O’Nomics. This site offers more than 375 pages of in-depth small business education, with 100 questions, 100 full page answers, and 100 audios in full explanations. After you become a member, you are just a click away from real small business education. www.bizonomics101.biz
  • Once each month we offer a Free 2 Hour open line webinar for business owner’s feedback, and for all member to participate as one united membership
  • Once each month all members will receive our Free monthly newsletter offering business incite, financial news, business growth, a member’s personal business story, new openings, and other related business concepts.
  • Every month we offer a Free Membership Contest, and award to the winner our standard $2000.00 prize and no entry fee is required.
  • To all that have read this benefit page should now be aware that the offer above is the very best offer made to any existing business owner, or any new start-up entrepreneur. This value offered is must greater that a simple $10.00 glass of beer, and a sandwich, education and our membership association is priceless, and is beyond any real dollar amount.