All Pre-Paid $10.00 Membership Club will receive the following benefits; 

*the ability to reach 1000’s of other business owners from around world and to have independent, and/or group conversations about business ideas, problems, solutions, opportunities, alliances, cooperation, new products and services, innovation and/or other business topics on your mind, that you would like to offer to other owners.

*the opportunity to join a special interest group of business owners in a similar industry.

*participation in a 2 hour webinar every month which will include a Q & A discussions.

*a monthly newsletter offering business insights, financial news, business growth, a members personal business story, new openings, and other related business concepts.

*if you Pre-Pay the annual cost of $10.00 US, you will have immediate access to a special program, called , which provides more than 375 pages of in-depth small business education on 100 4X6 cards with 100 questions, 100 full page answers, and 100 audios with full explanations! For just a onetime $1.00 (one dollar) Registration Fee, and only $1.00 (one dollar) Per Month, or our discount offering of only $10.00 Pre-Paid for the year, and that $10.00 amount is automatically renewed each year. The member has the option to cancel at any time with a 30 day Pre-Notice send to the company. Should you choose to remain a member the renewable amount of $10.00 for the follow years, will remain the same rate for all active members, and will never be increased. We offer the lowest cost for small business education that has ever been offered to any business owner ever.

*as an added incentive for the $10.00 US Pre-Payment Club, your name will be entered in a monthly drawing for a $2000.00 US prize! No entry fee is required, just owning a membership status.