American Standard Properties & Businesses LLC
Introduces Our New

“Worldwide Business Owners Membership $1 US Club”©™

Come and Join Our Team For just One Dollar

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And Now There is


For Small Business Owners, Start-Up Entrepreneurs, and All Business Owners
from Around the World
Our Mission is to have Every Business Owner Worldwide
Communicate with Each Other

The “Worldwide Business Owners Membership $1 US Club”©™ has been organized to enable every small business owner throughout the world with the opportunity to communicate and to interact with each other and receive a comprehensive business education that will help grow their business, be more successful, achieve greater profits, and increase their wealth!
And you can do all of this for JUST $1 US Per Month!

We believe that this worldwide business communications program, at a monthly cost of only $1 US, is the lowest cost of a business education ever offered to the small business industry! So sign up now to join the “Worldwide Business Owners Membership $1 US Club”©™

As a member if you Pre-Pay the annual cost of $10 US, you will have all the benefits of a member paying $1 US per month but, as a BONUS, you will also receive immediate access to our unique special program, called Biz O’Nomics, which contains more than 375 pages of in-depth small business education, with 100 questions, 100 full page answers, and 100 audios with full in-depth business explanations, and completed answers Please view the website, the address is

This exciting and valuable program was created by Anthony L. Pezza owner and founder of American Standard Properties & Business LLC. He is a long time educator to small business owners and has found over the past 50 years that business education and communications are the most important keys to business success, as well as on the road to wealth, and a bonus when your business is sold for a greater profit.